Are you stuck or stranded and in need of tire service?

Is it time to change the tires on your company vehicles or replace a farm tire?

Contact Bedford Mobile Tire for 24 HOUR Commercial Road Side Service in and around Bedford, VA.


We provide on-site tire service for:

  • Commercial Fleets
  • Farm Tractors & Equipment
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • And More


In fact, we're the ONLY tire dealer in the area we know that provides Quality roadside assistance for semi truck tires, light truck tires, and passenger tires. Our 24/7 on-site farm and commercial tire services save time and hassle, getting your company fleet or agricultural equipment in operation again for a productive day.

SERVICE AREA: Bedford, Roamoke and surrounding areas


Mobile Tire Services near Bedford, VA

Purchase. Installation. Service.

Did you get a flat tractor tire? Is one of your fleet trucks on the roadside in need of replacement semi-truck tire? Are you in a car with a spare tire but need assistance with installation? Have heavy equipment and need new tires?

Let us come to you. We respond quick and provide:

  • Commercial tire services
  • Semi-truck tire services
  • Farm tire services
  • RV tire services
  • Passenger tire services
  • Light truck tire services
  • Equip tire services

Let our team fix your tire emergency. Call (540) 521-6719 for mobile service.


We provide 24 hour on-site and on-the-road commercial tire service.

Our mobile tire services are a convenient choice for farmers and heavy equipment operators who can forgo the time and hassle it takes to bring large machinery to a shop. No matter what you drive or use, you can choose your replacement tire(s) from any of the brands and sizes available in our vast inventory.

For tire sales and installs, call (540) 521-6719 to schedule your service.


Roadside Tire Assistance

Don't wait. Please contact us for:

  • Mobile tire installation
  • Mobile tire purchase
  • Onsite tire maintenance
  • Onsite tire replacement

After you contact us, we'll act quick to get you a new tire. Whether you're a driver who has run into some bad luck, a farmer in need of a replacement tire, or a commercial driver who needs to get moving again to make a delivery on time, we respect that you have places to go and work to do and are dedicated to doing our job professionally so you can complete your activities.

Please contact us by calling (540) 521-6719 now. If you have any questions about the service, you can also stop in to ask us or contact us online. We thank you for your time and wish you safe travels!